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Bay Laurel - laurus nobilis

An evergreen tree which, in its native Mediterranean region, reaches a height of some 20m - although elsewhere the Bay tends to be more widely grown as a shrub or ornamental pot plant, which bears black berries. The bark is smooth and blackish on a young tree, older trees having paler cracks. The leathery, lance shaped leaves are dark green, with a yellow green underside and wavy edges, a dark red vein at the base runs into the stem attaching it to the branch. The leaves are aromatic when crushed.

The Bay Laurel, or Sweet Bay, is a popular culinary herb throughout Europe, and has been associated with fame, honour, and victory for centuries - worn by Emperors, heroes and poets throughout many of these. The mailcoaches of 1815, which carried news of the victory at Waterloo, were decorated with Bay.

Before Nero’s death, all the bay laurels in Rome were said to have died as a mark of respect.

Bay is a powerful antiseptic herb, and makes an excellent tonic for your whole system, especially in cold-weather, or post fever, bronchitis, and the likes : Use one small Bay leaf to a coffee cup of boiling water, add a couple of dried orange pieces, cover, and leave to infuse for about 15 mins. Sweeten with a little honey to taste.

Bay Laurel is sacred to Apollo and his son Aesculapius - the God of Medicine.

Folk lore holds the bay tree as a protection against lightning, storms, and snakebites. It was also believed to keep away the plague if planted by the house door.

Place a bay leaf under the pillow for pleasant dreams.

! Essential oil of Bay should not be used during pregnancy.
Use in moderation - possible narcotic properties !


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