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Aniseed - Pimpenella anisum

An annual herb, less than a metre high with white flowers and delicate leaves, Aniseed is also known as Anise - which is not to be confused with Star Anise ‘illicium verum’.

Aniseed oil is strongly antiseptic and can be used topically for lice and scabies - and used in a massage rub is helpful for various chronic chest problems, including bronchitis, whooping cough, and asthma.

The seed is used in smoking mixtures, and Aniseed tea can be used to treat infant catarrh, colic and griping pain, and flatulence. It is also useful for painful periods.

As a remedy for digestive troubles, it can help clear flatulence, and help with nerves - especially in children.

Reportedly used in Europe by nursing mums to encourage milk flow, Aniseed has also been used to encourage a speedy childbirth - and should be avoided in high doses whilst pregnant.

! Avoid high doses in pregnancy - Toxic in high doses, Aniseed is a narcotic and can slow down circulation. Anethole is a major component in Aniseed and is known to cause dermatitis, so avoid use in allergic and inflammatory skin conditions. Potentially addictive !


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