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Angelica - Angelica sylvestis

Growing up to 6 feet or so, this fairly stout plant favours damp, shady places. The stem is hollow, and often purple, with a whitish bloom. The greeny-white, or pink, flowers are only about 2mm across, with 5 petals, have a honey like smell, and flower July - September.

Traditionally used to restore strength and stamina during convalescence or general weakness, Angelica is a warming, stimulating herb - effective for period pains, or when you’re feeling chilled, low and debilitated, and a tisane of angelica root is good for poor circulation, chilblains, piles, or for persons with a tendency to varicose veins. It is an excellent tonic for the digestive system, and aides the liver, kidneys, and skin.

Candied angelica stalks are popular in France and Spain.

The essential oil can be used in a massage oil to ease rheumatic inflammation.A colic remedy for babies suggests simmering half a teaspoon of angelica seeds in a small cup of water for 5 minutes. Leave to infuse, covered, for 5 minutes. Cool, strain, and give in tiny doses.

! Essential oil not to be used during pregnancy or by diabetics !

! The root oil has a photosensitising action and should not be used on skin exposed to sunlight !


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