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"The Tree on the Hill"
Taking a Walk
a guided visualisation by Gillie Whitewolf

Find somewhere comfortable to sit / lay where you will not be disturbed and taking some slow, deep breaths allow yourself to relax, letting any tension drain away. Feel the ground beneath, supporting you as you let your body sink into it, relaxed and comfortable.

You can feel a gentle, warm breeze across your skin, and see dappled shadows moving against your eyelids, like sunlight dancing between leaves on a tree. You are relaxed and peaceful. You are sat under a great oak tree, the trunk strong and firm behind your back, a canopy of branches and leaves spreading out above you, the leaves gently twitching in the breeze.

As you stand up and look around you find yourself on a small hill in a beautiful meadow filled with wild flowers and gars. You can make out a path running along the side of the meadow leading down the hill and away from the oak tree. It is a warm, bright afternoon and as you step out from the shadow of the tree you can feel the warmth of the sun reaching down to you. Making your way to the path you become aware of birds singing in the trees, insects buzzing amongst the flowers and catch sight of butterflies dancing over the meadow.

The slope of the hill is gentle and as you walk down the path you catch the fragrances of passing flowers, warm on the breeze. You let your hand brush through the long grasses along the side of the path, stopping now and then to admire a flower or watch a butterfly flitting by. As the slope evens out you reach a thin line of trees gently whispering in front of you. You can hear the sound of water nearby, and as you move through the trees you arrive at a river, the sunlight sparkling across the surface. There is a rock slab just in front of you, welcoming you to sit. Leaning over the river you dip your hands in and splash your face with the water - cool and refreshing after your walk in the sun. You can see fish moving beneath the surface, occasionally surfacing with a gentle 'plop'.

As you relax by the river your eye traces the line of trees on the opposite bank of the river. The river stretches off to the left and winds around some rocks before disappearing from view. Another day you might take a walk past the rocks and follow the river.... but for today, it is time to return to the tree on the hill.

As you get up and dust yourself down, thank the river for your time together and the refreshing water it provided you with. Leaving the river behind you walk back through the trees to the foot of the hill. You take a different route back up the hill, cutting straight through the meadow, the flowers and grasses tickling your legs and arms. The walk uphill is easy going and in no time at all you arrive back at the oak tree, it's branches spreading out to greet you. Before you sit back down you take another look around you, at the hill spreading back down to the river, to the trees below, the bright skies above, the sounds of the birds and the insects, the butterflies dancing among the flowers.... know that you can come back whenever you choose.... breathe in the clean air and feel revitalised.

As you sit back down under the tree allow yourself time to listen to your surroundings, to smell the air, to feel the breeze... and feel totally calm and relaxed. Slowly let the sounds fade away, the scenery gently fading to darkness. Become aware of your physical body once again. Feel the ground beneath you and gently come back to the waking world - stretching your limbs, opening your eyes, and touching your surroundings. Keep a peaceful, refreshed but relaxed feeling with you, and write down your experiences in your journal.

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