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A Pagan Path
an article by Gillie Whitewolf

I see a path amongst swaying grasses and bobbing bluebell heads where the sunshine sparkles more brilliantly than in any dream or vision, dancing through the whispering leaves and cascading along a myriad of patterned trunks enrobed in mosses and lychen. The flowing stream murmurs stories of the clouds and shimmers with light and dark mysteries. The shadows are rich and deep, seeming to sink into worlds yet unknown and playfully enticing the imagination to follow. The colours here are so vibrant no artist could desire for a more bejewelled pallet, and the voices of Nature are so enchanting no composer could ever truly describe with man-made instruments alone.
There is a tingling in the air, an expectant buzz one can almost hear. It beckons me to move in, to let my bare feet feel the pleasure of the Earth, to join with my fellow kin amongst the trees, in the rivers, in the air, in the ground... Everything is alive.... Everything is connected....

But before you kick off your shoes and dance amongst the flowers sit down awhile against this tree : the trunk is broad and firm and the canopy of branches shield you from the heat of the sun. Feel the support of the tree against your back, close your eyes and allow yourself to feel... feel the roots sinking down into the ground, just as the branches reach up into the sky...take your time and under the shelter of your tree ask yourselves the following questions....

What does 'Pagan' mean to you?

What are your current belief factors concerning the Divine?

Do you worship any Gods / Goddesses? and if so do you view Gods and Goddesses as living external entities sat around waiting for us to make contact? or do you consider the Divine to be all around us? part of us? that we are the God and Goddess?

Are you drawn to any particular folklores / traditions / mythologies?

Do you believe that Gaia is a living entity that we are all part of?

How do you view your role in society / the universe?

Can you look around and feel what lies beneath all the artificial packaging of today's society?

How do you feel when you immerse yourself in Natural surroundings? What do you sense? what do you see? what do you hear? what do you feel? what do you smell?

Are you aware of the continuous cycle and necessity of Life and Death?

Do you respect and appreciate life in all its forms?

These are but a handful of questions you need to ask yourself when setting out on your path - there are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers, only answers that are true to you. Chances are you've probably been walking along your very own Pagan path for some time without realising it. The more questions you ask of yourself, the more you will learn about yourself - and the more you will learn about your path.

Get out and experience your surroundings - whether you're an urban or country dweller you will find plenty to observe and experience to increase your awareness and understanding of yourself and your part in the world around you.

A Pagan Path is unique to everyone who walks it and no two paths are identical - just as everyone is an individual, every path is individual, and there is no map except the one we carve for ourselves. We choose what scenery we view, what tastes we experience, what dreams we enact. No one book can tell you how to think, feel, act or see. There are no rules imposed by strangers - we are in control of our own actions and must take responsibility for every step we make. Does this mean that we do not have rules? of course not! but they are our own rules, our own choices, our own ripples...

So now that you've asked yourself these questions kick off your shoes and dance in the flowers. Discover your path with all your senses - just don't stop asking questions. All paths are lifelong learning experiences - the more we immerse ourselves in learning and discovering, the richer our paths will be. Wherever your path leads and whatever form it takes, may your journey be a blessed one.


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